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Privacy Policy

Last updated at: 2018-05-25

I am committed to protecting the privacy and security of my patrons and admirers.

Ways that I protect your information.

1. I don't use third party tracking services of any kind, while that limits the social media ease people are used to elsewhere it's not something I'm comfortable with. Therefor you won't find any "Share" type buttons here. Sorry, if you like something figure out how to share it.

2. There are no cookies used here, this site doesn't have a built in shop or anything that would require them. Cookies are meant to be eaten not to track what you're doing. Cookie Monster would be ashamed of the current state of things.

3. There are no third party advertising services on this site. The only advertising I intend to do is hocking my own goods and services.

Now the bad news.

1. Being as this is a website hosted online there are backend logs that are captured. Information included in these logs are IP address, browser type and version, operating system and platform. Including timestamps and movement through the site. None of this by itself is personally identifiable. It's not possible to opt out of this tracking, ironically if you could you would be making yourself identifiable.

2. If you email me I will have information about you, however, I would never sell that information or access to it. While it will generally be saved on my computers and phones, it also will reside on an email server, which I don't have control of, but which does periodically remove old emails. But on the good news it's not Gmail, so at least it's not being scraped to supply me with ads.

3. I may be provided personal information from other services to be able to ship you something, or just to complete a transaction. Information may be name, postal address, email address, telephone number, mobile number, detailed order information, but not limited to just this. All with the intent of completing an order.

4. Any links to third party sites are never meant to be malicious. However, if they are to third party sites I have no control over what Privacy or Security you can expect there. Warning there be monsters out there!

5. If you sign up for my mailing list, you would be subjected to the hocking of my goods and services. But you asked for it! Information provided will be name and email address.

Any questions about this Privacy Policy just send me an email to: privacypolicy@donnovanknight.com